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These maps should be useful for visitors to Belize. To see a larger version just
DOUBLE CLICK on each map for larger version..
Allow time for downloading a larger and more detailed image

This Map show the location of Belize in the Caribbean. It is easily reached by direct flights from Houston, Texas, Miami Florida, Charlotte North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia (Saturdays only) and also from Newark New Jersey (weekends only).

San pedroBelize map
A Map of Belize showing location of San Pedro, major roads and towns.
Belize map
A map of the main area of San Pedro Town. Business are used as landmarks. There is no official maps and many roads in San Pedro are not named. This map will be upgraded regularly.
Punta Gorda Map
Central America map Always looking for new great maps!!! Toledo Belize Map
This is map of the tip of the Placencia Peninsula
Click on the map for Large Version
The Map of Toledo District was donated by Hickatee Cottages in Punta Gorda . Click on the map for Large Version
The Map of Punta Gorda donated by Hickatee Cottages in Punta Gorda
Click on the map for Large Version
Caye Caulker Belize map

Toldeo District Belize-map

Placencia Map
Other maps showing the northern end of Ambergris Caye and further south coming soon. Donations of good digital maps will be welcomed and considered.
Grumpy and Happy Private Snorkeling trips in Belize
Belize Self- Mini Storage. Water access-Gated San Pedro Ambergris Caye
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Freelance Business Services in BELIZE
Belize Atlantic International Bank. International Banking services in Belize

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